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This trail was posted at Unfiction by kaaate, who works in London Underground as tube driver. She found end of the May 2017 an envelope with a photo and message in:

Nr(?) Gt. Yarmouth
Aug. 15 - 22. 1940 (or 1970, or 19YO)

  • We weren't sure, if it's 1940, 1970 or 19YO
  • The English in the sentence "Do you know who i am before i gone missing?" is incorrect, wich could lead us to some non-english native speakers

Later, middle of July another person, aka literary Journal FUNHOUSE ( found another envelope:

Port Soderick
I.O.M. 1968

This time we were more successful: the photo was shoot in Isle of Men (I.O.M.), exactly in this location.

There were a hypothesis, it could be a viral for "Dunkirk", but there weren't any developments.
We could also find similiarities of the Raven on the evelope with the signature of Royal Air Force Squadron 245:



Please add something I've missed so far.

I'm trying to follow and write a summary about it also in my blog.

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