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Active Games / Re: Winter Sylvana’s mysterious e-mail
« Last post by amandel on June 25, 2018, 08:11:06 AM »
Hi All & good to see you reesylou! On Winter's latest tweet ( there's a number string on the image:
Spoiler: show
It's a simple sub solving to "lutetia" LINK;
Active Games / Re: Winter Sylvana’s mysterious e-mail
« Last post by ARGWorld on June 25, 2018, 02:41:32 AM »
New e-mail:

Dear Ones,

Our story begins again in a new destination. Michelle and I are on a train heading there now. Our job is to take down a multinational corporation, whose identity must remain secret at the moment for your protection and ours.

This coming week I will summarize the story up until now and also give you some more background information about my traveling companion Michelle. Then the real work shall begin.

In the meantime, please tell me your favorite place to visit, either to travel to or in your own city. Then I can look ahead to something pleasant after all this is over.

All my best always,
Trailheads / Rabbit Holes / Politika
« Last post by Mr_Eklektik on June 24, 2018, 12:55:34 PM »
New rabbit hole
This is very intruiging!

Folks, the third letter was found - last year as well.

Alex, who found it, wrote to Kate (the first discoverer) with the photos and some description.

Found last summer on the Jubilee Line inside a copy of Therese Raquin that had been left on a train. [...] Photo is original with remnants of mountings on the edge so taken from an album. No writing on reverse. Love the baggy trousers. Photo also shows a mecano toy with propeller climbing up a string to the boy's right.
The envelope is printed as if from a batch. Perhaps there are more than 3 of these in circulation.
No idea what it means if anything, although leaving a photo in an envelope on a train has got to be the least likely way to succeed in tracking someone down...

And the letter itself:

The familiar crow stamp.

A boy.

The message.

The message is slightly different in a visually and a grammatically aspects:

do you know who i was before i am missing,?
compared to the previous

do you know who i am before i gone missing?
Some notes/thoughts/ideas:
  • Do we have now 3 photos of the same person from his various phases of life (before he goes missing)
  • The hoist alike toy in the foreground looks for me like a vintage construction set "Erector":

What do you think? Who is this man and what is the whole story about?
Active Games / Re: Winter Sylvana’s mysterious e-mail
« Last post by reesylou on May 15, 2018, 06:37:02 PM »
Hi all

I wondered where the arg community had disappeared to.  Now I have found you!!  I have been following along with this by myself, and not really doing much, but noticed a couple of things that may (or may not) be important.

I only just yesterday received the email with the names of the gods in it.... and as far as I can tell, the answer is 'elements'.

Also, take a look at the page background on the home page:
Trailheads / Rabbit Holes / Re: Alien Invasion Conspiracy: Hoax or ARG?
« Last post by Dominic1978 on May 15, 2018, 12:50:11 PM »
So it was ARGish :D
Active Games / Re: Winter Sylvana’s mysterious e-mail
« Last post by amandel on May 15, 2018, 12:09:27 PM »
Quote from: Winter's reply to Russell from page 2
A further hint for your efforts:
The eight is simply a quantity.

Saturn is also known as...

Since Winter's latest email is titled "Vessel" am sharing what's been banging around in my brain for awhile:
Saturn=Cronus (as clever Escobar noted) Caelus=Uranus Neptune=Poseidon and Apollo=Sol/Sun

Neither the "8 of cups" or the 8 letter word "chalices" has worked anywhere as a file extension etc. so likely the above is simply part of Winter's secret baking recipe? HTH ;D
Active Games / Re: Winter Sylvana’s mysterious e-mail
« Last post by Lunsford on May 14, 2018, 01:07:46 PM »
Received this email today:

Dearest Friends,

After leaving Leila we hired a car and gave the driver a carefully drawn map that Leila had made for us. Michelle and I sat in the backseat as he drove us through the mountains to a place called the Abbey of Saint-Savin en Lavedan.

The woman who greeted us at the visitor's center called herself Sister Margaret, and she gave us some literature on Benedictine Abbeys and an application for attending a spiritual retreat. When we asked about Charlemagne she said she wasn't an expert but would go get Phil, who was a Benedictine monk and on-sight historian. While she was gone we noticed a young man with a scruffy beard and rumpled jacket taking pictures and eavesdropping on our conversation. He sidled up to Michelle and pressed a business card in her hand.

"I advise you to leave quickly, before she returns. You are in danger if you stay here. I don't think you realize what you're getting into. Meet me in Lourdes tomorrow afternoon. And bring the card.

After a quick consultation we decided to take his advice. After all, we could always come back and make our apologies if we decided to continue talking to Margaret and Phil. So we jumped in the car and implored our driver to take us back to Leila's house.

On the way we studied the card the man had given Michelle. On one side was printed his name and contact information. He was a German photographer named Paul. On the back of the card was printed a rather cryptic message:


More soon...

Best Wishes,
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