Author Topic: [ARG] [SPOILER] Connections between "The Cloverfield Paradox" and ARG  (Read 1557 times)

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I've watched the movie second time frame by frame and here is what I've found interesting and related to Cloverfield-ARG.

1. Slusho Advert

Already at the beginning (radio scanning) you can hear some seconds of the Slusho Ad. Here, again, for reference:

2. We find the same Design of Tagruato Error Message also in the Desing of Space Station user interface. At least in this small arror icon:

compared with


And here of course the logos of Tagruato and... Yoshida Medical Research!

bigger version:

For reference:

4. Our real Mark Stambler with his book

Interestingly, the reporter is played by the same actress, Suzanne Cryer, who acted as a women outside the shelter in "10 Cloverfield Lane".

We have following information about Mark Stambler.

* He is author of "The Cloverfield Paradox"
* His contact is @Paradox_Is_Real. is still empty.

5. Slusho again (same toy as delivered to a player with other Tagruato goodies)

6. For reference, the German text of transmission by Schmidt:

The Commander has no clue about my work behind his back. I hope you will have enough time to start the counter-attack against Russia. The collider is close to me, but I managed the malfunction of the system. We'll see, how long the shell will withstand.

7. (Something different):
Bleep Bloop, an animation.

Interestingly, in credits:

Bleep Bloop licensed by Bad Robot, and created by J.J.Abrams and Ben Schwartz.

Btw. Bloop was one of the weird calls in the Slusho website

8. Of course, another prominent Tagruato mention (without their iconic logo). Either there weren't space enough to place a logo. Or it's another multiverse?

Have you found something more in this movie?

(Here my posting in German: