Author Topic: [Potential Trailhead] Transmission "Fritz & Simone"?  (Read 626 times)

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[Potential Trailhead] Transmission "Fritz & Simone"?
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:39:45 PM »
Hey there! I'm an Unfiction transplant that is so thankful to have discovered ARGworld. What a great site!

Saw a friend of mine whose into ARGs repost this video on their timeline, and thought it might be of some interest. The end has some morse code sounding tone, and a date of '7.17.2018'. I'm not great at decoding anything, but I like reading about these kinds of things. Anyone good with morse able to help out? Here's the video:

The links all point to the same video, but the Instagram has some kind of wood picture that seems to connect to each other.

Seems cool. The date's soon enough that I hope we hear more soon!