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Cyberpunk 2077
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Cyberpunk 2077:


Not sure if this is a full fledged ARG or just marketing puzzles... but they keep popping up and seem to be accelerating in the lead-up to the Cyberpunk 2077 release in April 2020.

There seems to have been one in 2018 corresponding to their ES appearance.

Then there were some brief puzzles released this year in June leading up to their 2019 E3 appearance:

There does seems to be some recent traffic on the game's discord channel too where you can see how they attacked the earlier puzzles:

Anyways... wanted to throw this out there to keep an eye on!

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Re: Cyberpunk 2077
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Well, it certainly seems like the right Intellectual Property for a full-fledged ARG campaign. One can only hope...

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Re: Cyberpunk 2077
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It looks like this is no longer on pause and is ramping up.... not sure where exactly to follow this except on the Discord channel above.... But here is a Youtube video talking about all of the new discoveries... and how they tie into the storylines of the previous marketing.

The ARG talk begins about halfway in the video: