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I fixed the Wikipedia link to the 2013 documentary.

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I have very mixed feelings about "The Jejune Institute" and later "Latitude". If there was one interactive experience that I missed and could go back and take part in it would be "The Jejune Institute". I was following it from Seattle as it was happening and had plans to go down and take part... but it shut down before I could. I also was working with a project where we went to several festivals (Like 01SJ) during this time that the crew from Jejune (Sara, Uriah, and Jeff) were working at as well. They really put on an awesome experience even at those events and the quality of design, art, and wonderment was really top notch.

But EVERYONE in the industry at the time wanted to know how they could afford to do what they did. And to give credit to the folks at Jejune... they never let the secret out of the bag.

I did make it down to San Francisco to see the local premiere of "The Institute" at the exploratorium that also soft launched "Latitude". This was after Sara and Uriah had left the group and it was obvious.

If you want to hear what happened that night, I'll gladly tell you over a cpl of drinks sometime... but it was one of the worst interactive experiences I have been a part of that ended up with about 50 people swarming over the downtown Hilton being encouraged by people associated with the project to knock on random hotel doors and basically disrupt business for no reason but to let the PMs laugh at their audience.

Then later I found this article that explained a lot:

It is also a great story of how having almost an unlimited budget (at least for these projects) doesn't always lead to success.

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Wow @Syncopal (also now becoming aware that there is no shocked smiley available).


Thatís one hell of a story, and wtf would they bother non-involved people?
Thatís horrible.